About Us


Kids playing — Children's Centre in Kotara, NSW
Kotara Montessori Children's Centre changed its name from Newcastle Montessori Children's House in 2008 when it changed ownership. During that time, and since its inception more than 25 years ago, it has enjoyed a strong reputation for providing outstanding education and care programs.

Kotara Montessori classrooms are filled with real life materials (glass and ceramic) which are accessible to children at all times and displayed on open shelving around the room. Our carefully prepared and presented inside environment acts as a stimulus to engage children leading to self-discovery of the many and varied materials and activities.

Our centre provides a higher ratio of trained staff (5 each day) than is required by regulations. This enables our educators to provide individual attention and programming for each child. All educators are encouraged to participate in workshops and in-service training throughout the year to further develop their skills and knowledge. Three staff members have been at the centre for over 15 years and there is minimal turnover in staff which enables staff to make long lasting and secure attachments with not just children but also families. Kotara Montessori enjoys an enviable reputation as we have 4 out of 7 staff who are Montessori trained, as well as one staff member who is also Early Childhood University trained. All staff are first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis trained.

Our centre enjoys the quiet and peace of a residential area with the added bonus of being centrally located within Newcastle. We have 2 separated outdoor play areas exceeding per child ratios and both outdoor spaces are shaded by mature trees and include many natural play spaces providing a fantastic environment for children to explore and discover nature and develop important gross motor skills. The main play space has enjoyed a major renovation in 2013 and our outdoor environment is constantly evolving.