Kids playing — Children's Centre in Kotara, NSW

How is your Montessori environment different to other long day care centres

Within the classroom you will notice the calmness, sense of order and children working purposefully either individually or in small groups. When children finish their activity they learn how to pack up and return the activity to the correct place on the shelf, ready for the next child to enjoy. Children develop a sense of respect for their own environment.

Children are free to select their own activities and work with this activity as long as they need. They are not rushed.

Children and educators speak respectfully and quietly to one another, there is no need to raise our voice.

Children are encouraged to be independent, respectful and responsible for not only their environment but also each other.

What is your fee structure?

Our enrolment page contains all the information you require.

Is your centre accredited for CCB (Child Care Benefit) and CCR (Child Care Rebate)?

Yes, we are accredited for both. You will need to contact the Family Assistance Office to determine your own eligibility. This is a parent responsibility, not the centre.

How do I enrol my child at your centre?

Download and fill our a Waitlist Application Form and return via email or post.

What age group does your centre cater for?

We are licensed to provide care for children aged 3-6 years, 33 children per day.