Children's Centre in Kotara, NSW
"We found Kotara Montessori Preschool after our son was not reaching his full potential with behaviour and learning in a traditional preschool setting. The changes and results were instantaneous. Kotara Montessori provides the opportunity for tactical and sensory learning, and developing real life skills. All of our children have and are flourishing under this unique curriculum. We believe the combination of creating clear boundaries and expectations of the children within both a quiet and social play setting is a successful formula for educating preschoolers. As a professional teacher myself, I will continue to recommend the Montessori Philosophy for all whom ask us where our children attend preschool".

S Watson

"Having my 3 children attend Kotara Montessori has been a fantastic experience. The staff care so much for the children, providing them with individual attention, as well as group experiences. The learning and development of the children will amaze you. I have seen first hand the step ahead the children have once they commence Kindergarten, with many of the them achieving well above average results in their initial years of school. Much of this I put down to the development put into the children by the staff of Kotara Montessori".

D Minehan

From our first encounter with Kotara Montessori we have been very welcome and very happy with all our relationships within the Centre.

Our children have attended from age 3 and although each child has had a different experience, they have each come away with very positive and useful skills and attitudes to learning and life.

Imogen and Charles are enjoying Primary School now, both benefited from learning to learn in such a supportive environment.

Josephine is currently at Kotara Montessori and is building her resilience for the world with the help from the very same teachers her brother and sister were lucky enough to have.

I have booked Lola in for 2015 and I'm very confident she will be very loved and valued as has been the case with the rest of our family.

The atmosphere of the Centre is thoughtful and calm, something I noticed on our very first orientation day and something I still admire each pick up and drop off. With plenty of fun and laughter always bubbling up.

Kotara Montessori is a great pre-school because of the teachers who work there."

H Dunn

"20th April 2014

My son Jay Garcia D'Errico attended Kotara Montessori for three years from age three to approximately five and a half years. During the last year of his attendance he participated in the full-time Extended Day program run by Montessori Directress Veronique Crichton.

From the moment I entered the Montessori classroom I instantly felt at ease in the warm and welcoming environment. I attended an observation session with my son and was very impressed with the professional, relaxed and friendly staff to whom Jay bonded with quickly. Once Jay began attending regularly I was always impressed by the calm, harmonious and studious nature of the children busily involved in their tasks during the work cycle. We were always welcomed warmly and kept updated on Jay's progress. The staff were always available to answer my questions and any concerns and I always enjoyed a good chat with everyone who were very open, friendly, and helpful.

I was impressed with the centre's motto of 'Help me do it myself', always encouraging the children to be independent and empowering them with confidence and a can-do attitude. I think the set-up of the classroom where all the children aged three to six work alongside each other is a wonderful idea. The older children can be good role models and wonderful helpers guiding the younger ones and they in turn are inspired to stretch themselves by the guidance of the older ones.

I feel very fortunate to have had Jay attend the Extended Day program as he achieved so much under the guidance and dedication of Veronique. Having started school this year, he is at the top of his class and I know it is because of the skills that were taught and encouraged in the program by Veronique and her fierce determination to have him succeed (he is a very wilful little boy!) that he is confident, curious, enjoys learning and will continue to do so.

Thankyou to all the dedicated teachers at Kotara Montessori for the best start to my son's education. We wish you ongoing success for the future.

Warmest Regards,"

N Keleher

"My three children loved their time at Kotara Montessori. They each completed the 3-year programme before beginning Year1 at school.

The teachers were exceptionally respectful, warm and patient with the children. I believe that the organised Montessori classroom and the emphasis on building concentration greatly enhanced my children's learning.

The sense of mastery they gained from Montessori's child-centred approach promoted inner confidence. Each of the children has excelled at primary school and as learners outside of school."

Johanna Dean